April 2012

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Zippora Seven in Vogue Japan April 2012

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Vinnie Woolsten in Strellson LOADED fragrance video

Anja Konstantinova in LoveWant #5


Julia Nobis in LoveWant #5

Elyse Taylor for Love is Heavenly campaign

Elyse Taylor’s career continues to skyrocket, this time appearing in the Love is Heavenly Fragrance campaign for the jewel in the modelling crown, Victoria’s Secret.

WWD on Julia Nobis: “The most in-demand model of the season”

Dempsey in Vogue Italia shot by Steven Meisel

Dempsey Stewart’s double cover for Husk

Dempsey Stewart in Wonderland Magazine

Shane Gibson in M2 Magazine

Photographed by Matt Webb.

Dempsey Stewart for Edun

Zippora Seven in LoveWant #5

Photographed by Bec Parsons and Bartolomeo Celestino.

Hannah Holman in March Elle France

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