October 2012

Jordan Murray for Fashion Gone Rogue by Zanita

One of our amazing new faces Jordan Murray has been featured on Fashion Gone Rogue in a shoot by our fabulous model/blogger/photographer Zanita Morgan. See all of the gorgeous pictures here.



Broed Dillewaard and James Gatenby for LAB A4 Issue #2

Dave Ross in Black Mag #17

Julia Nobis covers Vogue Australia’s December 2012 issue

The boys for LAB A4 magazine

Shane Gibson, Ryley Mclaughlin, and Miro Teplitzky look amazing in these new shots for LAB A4 Loveis issue #2!

Mason Mulholland exhibits for Wabi Sabi

Mason Mulholland is one of our male models who, aside from modelling, pursues a number of other interests and creative outlets. Next week his collage work will appear in the exhibition Wabi Sabi, in collaboration with photographer Georges Antoni and a group of other disciplined artists bringing together a multi-sensory experience based on the notion of “beauty’s imperfections”.

We got Mason to answer a few questions for us about his work:

What is the exhibition about/ how did it come about?

It’s a collaborative exhibition with Georges Antoni, 3 Deep, film maker Dimitri Basil, jewellery designer Paula Walden and myself. The exhibition is titled Wabi Sabi… which is a japanese phrase/ mentality centred on the aesthetic acceptance of the imperfection and transience of all things.

I met Georges on a shoot a couple of years ago, we got talking about art and mixed media styles, showed him some mixed media work id done for my solo show and he said he wanted to collaborate.

How long have you been making art?

From about 4 or 5 years old… I know this because my dad thought it would be a noble idea to show photos at my birthday party of me painting naked on our verandah outside on an easel aged about 4 or 5. When its your 13th birthday party and your trying to impress girls its kind of slack… or maybe he did me a favour.

Do you have any other creative pursuits?

I guess you’d call it a creative pursuit…I’ve just started practicing scientology

….ha… no…

Would you ever like to combine both visual art and music in something?

Yeh, I’m obsessed with the audio visual and sensual mediums at the moment… i produced a sort of sound scape to complement the piece I’m exhibiting in Wabi Sabi… I’m interested in fusing the mediums of the senses, not just music… I’m undertaking a bachelor of audio production at the moment…i figure it will strengthen my understanding of how sound works on a scientific and emotional level, so yes, this concept really appeals to me.

Any other projects in the pipeline? 

Working on a couple of projects at the moment, one independently and another collaboration with some hot local talent…stay tuned..

Check out the exhibition next week at Sun Studios, Alexandria, from Nov 1st – 13th.

Kendall Walters in Black Magazine #17

Cisco in French Vogue


Laura Gorun nominated in the UK Music Video Awards 2012

Biggest congrats to the lovely Laura Gorun, who aside from modelling has been working behind the camera on a few music videos – landing not just one but two nominations for her video “Foreign Language” for Flight Facilities. They are listed for Best Dance Video (International) and Best Styling in a video, the winners to be announced on the 8th November. Amazing!

Anja Konstantinova in Grazia Oct 15, 2012

Shane Gibson in Fashion Trend

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