December 2012

Happy Holidays!


We wish everyone a fabulous Christmas and New Year and a big thank you to all our wonderful clients, models and supporters! We’re looking forward to an amazing 2013!


Priscilla, Lizzi, Valerie, Ebonie & Chiara



p.s. check out our beaut new business cards, above!


Welcome to Jackson Rado!

A big welcome to our agency, and back to Australia, for Jackson Rado who we are now representing. Jackson has been based in Hungary and has already done some amazing work overseas: walking exclusively for Alexander McQueen, and Marc Jacobs, and doing some great editorial work to start off what is sure to be a fantastic career!

Jackie Jackson Rado by Damon Baker (3) jacksonrado_015 Look18

>How long have you been modelling for?

i`ve been modeling since i was 14, so for 4 years. I’ve been modelling fulltime for 2 years.

>Why you have come back to Australia?

Because i love Australia and the beach! And I have lots of family here.

>Favorite modeling experience so far?

A photo shoot in Dubai for a big brand called Splash. It’s gonna be massive, billboards all over Dubai in about 1-2 months. Or doing the Marc Jacobs exclusive and Tommy Hilfiger exclusive shows in New York. Or Alexender McQueen’s show in Milan, my first show.

>Anything we don’t know about you that we should know?

i’ve played music since i was 7. I started with piano but dropped out then picked up the saxophone and left that as well after 3 years. Then jazz singing, and I just picked up the guitar about a year ago. So simply music would be my only talent, tho I’m intrested in acting but I haven’t done anything about that yet!

Priscillas Advent: Julia Nobis is the Grinch

After another spectacular year for Julia, she has a little time off to relax over the holidays. Christmas isn’t her absolute favourite though, so she has opted to be the Grinch this year…


>What do you love about Christmas?
>What will you ask Santa for??

Total grinch answer: 1. Nothing. 2. To leave me alone
less grinch answer: 1. The one time I’m guaranteed to be able to hang out with the family. 2. I’ll be buying myself a new guitar, Santa can have the day off.

Priscillas Advent: Ruby Jean gets festive

Today’s advent is Ruby Jean Wilson, resting at home for the holidays after what has been an amazing year for our rising star!


>Are you happy to be home for the holidays?
So happy! I miss my family so much when I’m away so it’s amazing to have some quality time at home 🙂

>What do you love about Christmas?
Sunshine, family, paper crowns from christmas crackers!

>Does your family have any Christmas traditions?
We always get a mandarin in our xmas stocking. Is that weird?

>What will you ask Santa for?
I don’t want anything but to relax and chill with my family really!


Priscillas Advent: Victoria Lee home for Christmas

Today the lovely Victoria tells us a little about her Christmas time, a chance to relax at home and be with her family! Victoria sent us some cuuuute family snaps with her nan and mum, back in her home town for the holidays.


What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
My favourite thing about Christmas is simply being at home with my family!

Do you have any family Christmas traditions?
Arguments (or ‘differences of artistic opinion’) regarding the christmas light display on our house. And prawns, There must be prawns.

What is the best thing about coming home?
Best thing about coming home is being with my family (of course), the fresh country air, being in nature, riding my bike, my own bed, walking my dog…I could go on and on

What will you ask Santa for?
I’m asking Santa for some coloured sharpies marker pens. I love em!

Priscillas Advent: Gunita’s Latvian Christmas

Today for our advent Gunita tells us about what they do for Christmas over in Latvia: snow, glehwine and meat!

P1110122 P1110127

What do you normally do for Christmas time in Latvia?

As You know we have white Christmas, so make a picture in Your head how white, cold and beautiful it is and how good it is to get back home from a walk in the forest and warm Yourself up with a glehwine (? hot wine with cloves, cinnamon, oranges etc.) So few days before we go to the forest to choose the best Christmas tree, we leave some carrots in the trees for rabbits who are hungry, then we decorate a tree. On 24th of December we prepare plenty of nice food, bake pies, drinking glehwine, listening and playing Christmas songs, spending time with the family. In my family we used to go to the church as well. Then presents, lovely dinner, pretty much typical European Christmas, but at the same time special- because it is with the people You love.

Do you have any traditional Latvian Christmas food you eat?

By Christian traditions on Christmas Eve it’s not allowed to eat meat, but Latvians are real meat lovers. On Christmas Eve we have to have 9 different dishes. The most popular Christmas meals are: boiled grey peas with bacon and onions, gingerbread, bacon rolls, whole pork head on the table and other food.

Are you looking forward to an Australian Christmas? What are your plans?

Already second year in a row I’m gonna spend Christmas in New Zealand. It’s different obviously. Sunny weather and BBQ. I try to enjoy this experience because I will have plenty “White Christmas” in my life but maybe just few “Australian kind” of Christmas. This year we are going to spend Christmas in our “kiwi family”, people who supported us a lot since we are travelling.

What are you going to ask Santa for?

To postpone the end of the world, because I still want to do so many things 🙂

Can you wish everyone a merry Christmas in your language?

Priecīgus Ziemassvētkus!

Victoria Lee in Grazia

GRAZIA DEC 2012 (2)_edited-1 GRAZIA DEC 2012 (4)_edited-1 GRAZIA DEC 2012 (5)_edited-1 GRAZIA DEC 2012 (6)_edited-1

Priscillas Advent: Rose’s Christmas Cupcakes

IMG_6607 IMG_6605Not only is Rose gorgeous and a super lovely girl, she’s also a talented cook! Check out her beautifully decorated cupcakes – they were delicious too!

Perri on Pages shot by Anna Pogossova

38 64One of our fabulous new faces Perri Roach is up on Pages Digital in a great editorial shot by Anna Pogossova. Check the whole story out here.


Priscillas Advent: Tim Renouf does Christmas

We’re posting each day for Priscillas advent! London-based Timothy Renouf gives us a little insight into his family Christmas and what he is wishing for..

tim renouf

>Where are you going to be for the holiday break? I’m going home to jersey for christmas. Jersey is a small island near france but its part of the UK – its only 9 by 5 miles big but its surrounded by loads of beautiful beaches so is great place to come back to in the summer.

>What’s your favourite thing about Christmas? My favourite thing about christmas is just having time to be with my family. I have two brothers, one older and one younger, and we get on really well. My mum is an interior designer and she decorates the house with christmas wreathes and stuff and my dad always buys a 12 foot christmas tree which we all decorate together so it’s really festive at home.

>Do you prefer a white Christmas over in the northern hemisphere or would you be up for a hot aussie one? I love a white christmas but i have family over in australia so would love to come over one year and spend it with them and of course you guys too!

>What are you going to ask Santa for? Our family dog recently passed away so my mum and dad were looking to get a labrador puppy in time for christmas, so santa, if you’re reading this, pop one of those down the chimney ha! But of course a dog is for life not just for christmas everyone!

untitled 1 untitled

Ruby Jean Wilson for Louis Vuitton Spring 2013


Ruby Jean stars in the new Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 campaign, photographed by Steven Meisel.

Manuscript Magazine’s first birthday bash

IMG_6589IMG_6588IMG_6592IMG_6584IMG_6597Last night Manuscript Magazine hosted a lovely little soiree to celebrate their first birthday. Happy birthday Manuscript! The Victor Churchill spread was divine also. Here’s to many more years of making great mens images!

Eliza Humble for PUSHIT Magazine

BondageChic_AntonZ-2_MagChoice BondageChic_AntonZ-4Photographed by Anton Zemlyanoy.


Julia Nobis for Numero Magazine

NUMERO DEC 2012 (2) NUMERO DEC 2012 (3) priscillas_julia_nobis_numero_dec_2012More from Julia Nobis’ latest editorial for Numero December 2012.


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