Priscillas Advent: Gunita’s Latvian Christmas

Today for our advent Gunita tells us about what they do for Christmas over in Latvia: snow, glehwine and meat!

P1110122 P1110127

What do you normally do for Christmas time in Latvia?

As You know we have white Christmas, so make a picture in Your head how white, cold and beautiful it is and how good it is to get back home from a walk in the forest and warm Yourself up with a glehwine (? hot wine with cloves, cinnamon, oranges etc.) So few days before we go to the forest to choose the best Christmas tree, we leave some carrots in the trees for rabbits who are hungry, then we decorate a tree. On 24th of December we prepare plenty of nice food, bake pies, drinking glehwine, listening and playing Christmas songs, spending time with the family. In my family we used to go to the church as well. Then presents, lovely dinner, pretty much typical European Christmas, but at the same time special- because it is with the people You love.

Do you have any traditional Latvian Christmas food you eat?

By Christian traditions on Christmas Eve it’s not allowed to eat meat, but Latvians are real meat lovers. On Christmas Eve we have to have 9 different dishes. The most popular Christmas meals are: boiled grey peas with bacon and onions, gingerbread, bacon rolls, whole pork head on the table and other food.

Are you looking forward to an Australian Christmas? What are your plans?

Already second year in a row I’m gonna spend Christmas in New Zealand. It’s different obviously. Sunny weather and BBQ. I try to enjoy this experience because I will have plenty “White Christmas” in my life but maybe just few “Australian kind” of Christmas. This year we are going to spend Christmas in our “kiwi family”, people who supported us a lot since we are travelling.

What are you going to ask Santa for?

To postpone the end of the world, because I still want to do so many things 🙂

Can you wish everyone a merry Christmas in your language?

Priecīgus Ziemassvētkus!


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