Welcome to Jackson Rado!

A big welcome to our agency, and back to Australia, for Jackson Rado who we are now representing. Jackson has been based in Hungary and has already done some amazing work overseas: walking exclusively for Alexander McQueen, and Marc Jacobs, and doing some great editorial work to start off what is sure to be a fantastic career!

Jackie Jackson Rado by Damon Baker (3) jacksonrado_015 Look18

>How long have you been modelling for?

i`ve been modeling since i was 14, so for 4 years. I’ve been modelling fulltime for 2 years.

>Why you have come back to Australia?

Because i love Australia and the beach! And I have lots of family here.

>Favorite modeling experience so far?

A photo shoot in Dubai for a big brand called Splash. It’s gonna be massive, billboards all over Dubai in about 1-2 months. Or doing the Marc Jacobs exclusive and Tommy Hilfiger exclusive shows in New York. Or Alexender McQueen’s show in Milan, my first show.

>Anything we don’t know about you that we should know?

i’ve played music since i was 7. I started with piano but dropped out then picked up the saxophone and left that as well after 3 years. Then jazz singing, and I just picked up the guitar about a year ago. So simply music would be my only talent, tho I’m intrested in acting but I haven’t done anything about that yet!


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